To offer customers the highest quality cutting tools at significantly reduced cost, Guhring has an in-house resharpening division to return your used cutting tools to near as new condition.

You can save up to 70% on tool costs by using Guhring’s precision regrinding service.

Guhring will also resharpen competitor-branded tools.

Contact Guhring for a no obligation free quote for your resharpening needs.

PVD Coating

Improve wear resistance and reduce friction

PVD coating (Physical Vapour Deposition coating) provides an extremely hard yet thin ceramic layer for cutting tools and components to improve wear resistance and reduce friction.

Guhring offers an in-house PVD coating service with a number of coatings to suit a broad range of applications such as: Cutting tools, gear hobs, punches and forming dies, core pins (aluminium casting), compression spirals (woodwork), seaming chucks and rooler (food processing) and industrial knives (paper and food processing). New to the service department, we are also offering Endurum and Signum coatings. Visit the links for more information.

Contact Guhring for a no obligation free quote for your PVD coating needs.

The list below is in-house PVD coatings Guhring offers.

Tool Management

Flexible, Professional and Sustainable

Our tool management solutions relieve customers of all tasks around process planning, stock keeping, logistics, tool application, tool maintenance and process optimisation. Click here to read the newest catalogue on model TM526 and TM326.

Guhring's modular approach to tool management allows us to tailor the scope of services to our customer's specific requirements. Here, numerous customers - including the automotive and aircraft industry - rely on our experience and know-how.

Recycling Carbide

For the good of the environment.

By sending us your used carbide tools, you help preserve and protect the environment and ensure that these products are recycled responsibly. You also earn extra money.

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